Home Care


G5® Home-Care Massagers & Percussors are designed for safe use in the home by patients of all ages who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or who have stiff and aching muscles.

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All G5® Brand modalities are FDA-registered and 24 Volt products for extra safety in Home-care applications

G5® Flimm-Fighter

Percussor for Postural Drainage at home

The G5® Flimm-Fighter® Directional-Stroking® Respiratory Percussors has been designed for Home-care Respiratory Therapy.

G5®® Brand Home-care Percussors are especially helpful in loosening, and in helping to mobilize thick bronchial secretions, as a result of their unique Directional-Stroking action.

G5® Brand Home-care Percussors are also extremely helpful in stimulating the cough mechanism, to assist in coughing up bronchial secretion.

In hospitals, G5® Brand Percussors are the "Gold Standard" for Chest Physical Therapy and airway clearance therapy.

FREE Self-Applicator Kit  VALUED $180


G5® ProPower

Hand-Held Portable Massager

The G5® ProPower® is a light/medium duty  hand-held portable massager designed for
Home-care therapy.

  • Relieve muscle cramps
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Increase flexibility
  • Mobilise and flush out lactic-acid build-up
  • Body Sculpt
  • Toning of Back; Shoulders; Thighs; Hips; Buttocks; Arm; Stomach
  • Improve Blood Circulation 
  • Break Down Adipose Tissue
  • Aid Lymphatic Flow
  • Break Down Stubborn Fatty Deposits
  • Improve the Appearance of Cellulite
  • Exfoliate the Skin Leaving it Silky & Smooth

FREE G5® Esthetic Wand™  VALUED $319


G5® Esthetic Wand™

Hand-held Portable Facial Massager

The G5® Esthetic Wand™ offers technology previously unavailable to the consumer market.

This device incorporates Directional-Stroking® massage for therapeutic skin and muscle toning, reducing congestion.

The G5® Esthetic Wand™ stimulates deep into the muscles naturally increasing oxygen and blood flow to the tissue, which are vital components of a healthy youthful skin.

Incorporate the G5® Esthetic Wand™ into your daily routine to achieve the full potential of the machine.